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About Us

Hartmann develops, produces and sells recyclable moulded-fibre packaging for eggs and fruit.

Hartmann develops, produces and sells recyclable moulded-fibre packaging for eggs and fruit.
Hartmann is the world’s leading manufacturer of moulded-fibre egg packaging, market leader in the production of fruit packaging in South America and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machinery for producing moulded-fibre packaging. Hartmann was founded in 1917, and our market position is based on our strong technology know-how and extensive experience of moulded-fibre production since 1936.
Sustainability and environmental considerations are integral elements of Hartmann’s business model and strategy. All Hartmann’s products are based on recycled paper, which is a renewable, CO2-neutral and bio-degradable resource. We work closely with our customers to meet the demand for sustainable products in the retail trade, and we were the first manufacturer to offer both FSC-certified and CO2-neutral retail packaging.
Hartmann’s egg packaging is sold globally. Our key markets are Europe, South America and North America, where we have strong market positions. Hartmann is market leader in Europe and in South America, where our product portfolio also includes fruit packaging. We have a small but growing share of the North American market. Our technology, including machinery and services, is also sold globally outside our main markets.
We sell egg and fruit packaging to producers, packing businesses and retail chains, which are increasingly turning to us for our marketing expertise. Our technology and related services are sold to manufacturers of moulded-fibre packaging.
Hartmann is headquartered in Gentofte, Denmark, and we have 2,100 employees. Production takes place at our own factories, four of which are located in Europe, one in Israel, four in South America and one in Canada.
The Hartmann share
Hartmann’s shares have been listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen since 1982. We have one class of shares, and each share carries one vote. Interested parties can receive financial reports and company announcements by subscribing to our news service at @