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Ltd «Egg-Pak» is the official representative of Hartmann in the Russian Federation. We offer the up-to-date Hartmann technology at Hartmann prices.


Our company collaborates with the six experienced shipping companies. This allows us to deliver quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.


A professional team of customs brokers resolves customs clearance issues within 24 hours.


To ensure stability of purveyance and reduce the seasonal risks, we created an interim warehouse next to the customs house in the Smolensk city. There we stock the goods after the customs clearance, which we are ready to deliver to you quickly.

Marketing support

We support our clientele. We offer the development of new designs (free service), and also share new conceptual solutions that have been successfully implemented in Europe and other regions.


It is a Russian company, and we are willing to support our clientele. You can always count on a flexible approach in pricing and on a deferment of the payment for packaging.